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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We are very proud to have as our first contributor to Dosed 
our friend 
Andy Colquhoun

please check out his website

SOMETHING IN MY DRINK.................

The still air contained a segment he hadn't previously explored. With this thought, he was there, in a rushing torrent of ideas, connected when in the stream, but defying all logical connections individually.

Fingers moving across the guitar's shiny steel fretboard, weaving the melodies that unfolded in his brain. Steeply descending a spiral staircase to a cascading fountain that surged from the castle walls into the bright forest air, the notes diffused into a fine mist climbing part of the way towards the sun soaked sky, and melting into the grassy hillside.

The dark forest floor lay dry and the sky gleamed bright and pitiless, waiting without purpose, watching for weakness. It wasn't getting any easier to gather his thoughts. He had to let go.

The rhythm began to build. Layer upon layer of vibrating molecules jostled in fractious friction. Scales ascended. As each figure unfolded at it's peak, the next scale took a step back to climb beyond the previous finale. Up here the atmosphere was thin, and the skies wore an ever deeper tone as they faded to black.

The neck of his guitar seemed to bend and coil around his arm like a snake. Right on cue, the band joined in and the music flew into the night.

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